Club Mission Statement

1. Staffing policy

2.Staff development and training policy 

4.Student and volunteer policy

5.Settling in policy

6. Arrivals and departure policy 

7. Care, learning and play policy

8. Involving and consulting children policy

9. Physical environment policy

10. Equipment policy 

11. Health and safety policy 

12. Risk assessment policy 

 13. Site security policy

14. Fire safety policy 

15. Visit and outings policy

16. Health, illness and emergency (inc emergency closure) policy

17. Hygiene policy

 18. Infectious and communicable diseases policy

19. Smoking, alcohol and drugs policy 

20. Food and drink policy 

21. Inclusion policy 

22. Dealing with racial harassment policy

23.Additional needs policy

24. Behaviour management policy 

25. Bullying policy 

26. Suspensions and exclusions policy 

27.Partnership with parents policy 

28. Uncollected children policy

29. Missing children policy 

30. Complaints policy 

31. Safeguarding/Child protection policy 

32.Documentation, information and data protection policy

33. Admissions and fees policy 

34. Photography and mobile phone policy 

35. TV, computer and electrical device policy 

36. Whistleblowing policy 

37. Staff capability policy 

38. Committee policy 

39.Finance policy 

40.Staff grievance policy 

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  Job Vacancies

    We do not currently have any job vacancies.

 Summer 2019 playscheme closure

This summer our holiday playscheme will be open throughout the summer holiday, with the exception of 1 week (19th-23rd August) and on 26th August for the bank holiday.